Movie Night

The Movies For Anime Otaku Only XD!

The Movies for Movie night Will no longer be retreieveable from Operation Anime anymore. Please utilize member's or your own anime DVD collection as your club's library. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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This date was a-go, because:

the building was open for this meeting.

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[ UND ]

The meeting for this Wednesday, (UND) is open for certain upcoming events.

 Video Of The Week: Issued by (Denzel Walker)

Welcome To The Manga And Anime Club Coronado!

"Hello and welcome Coronado Cougars! Welcome to The Manga And Anime Club Coronado! (MAACC). Here, we do some basic to advanced things here. For instance drawing, to cosplay and etc. I just hated the fact that there was no Anime Club, Japanese to study, or even a place to just doodle with all my friends (I sometimes get caught during class; don't try that at school kids >:3). Anyway this is just the website for the club, you can come visit a meeting, or join if you want to, up to you. Although this wont last too long; depending if Coronado students for next year want this club. So drop on by, or check out the site to see what it can offer for your "Anime Imagination"

I sure hope things will prosper with our current president in the link for "Heads up for next week"!"

Denzel Walker*

Heads up for next week:

For any more information about further meetings, head over to the current president's website, for current events:

Manga And Anime Club News 101

MACAH! Anime Highway is Open:

Click the link below to check out new info on the happenings of the MAACC Founder and possible FREE prizes.

MAACC to AH Confirmation Link

Mini Questionnaire 9

You are transfered into the anme world. What kind of powers would you have?

Anything Else I should Probably know?: 

[Note: All information is now forward in the current President's Website]

Universally, you should know that we meet after-school, from 3:00pm-4:30pm in room 414 in the tech building, for club meetings.

Missed the last meeting? No problem. Find out what we did through the announcements here: Announcements. Thinking yet? Want to suggest something more out of the club meetings? Or even want to slow down those fast RPs you never have time for? Find out Here: Upgrade With News. If you're in the reading mood, click here for previous posts on noticeable Anime. Wonder where the music goes? Click here to see all the music that was previously used on this site.

Here is the link to get Miku Miku Dance Program: HERE! (the download is from VPVP). Remember to get the [[1.3 MikuMikuDance (DirectX9 Ver.)]] only, for the animation. Characters are provided for you in the zip file.

I have finished my part of the comic in MMD form, take a look at it on my Youtube-channel: Here!


Gamer's Rank:

Wanna see your rank for the video games we play? See where you placed! (See "About-Us Members" for more details)

  1. Drizzle - 165%
  2. Link - 164.9%
  3. Mana - 160%
  4. Brian - 158.4%
  5. Erick - 156.8%
  6. Jaron - 153.6%
  7. Bobby - 153.5%
  8. Chase - 152%
  9. Chief - 150.4%
  10. Robert - 149.8%
  11. Light - 149.7%
  12. Miles - 148.8%
  13. Desiree - 145.6%
  14. Courtney - 144%
  15. Nicole - 142.4%
  16. Spaz - 140.8%
  17. Afro Ninja - 139.2%

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