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Posted by Denzel Walker on Wednesday, April 27, 2011,

Looks like there's no more bobbing for apples of trying to climb your way to the top. Nicole Colice is now our new MAACC president for 2011-2012, but we're not don't quite yet, our target for next year is to: donate to japan more, establish silence (seriously), and keep our heads up in MAACC. What should our party have eh?

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Are You America's Next Top MAACC President?

Posted by Denzel Walker on Wednesday, April 6, 2011,

I hope you all can give me a what's up for next year's president. Study well and get all your facts straight. Cause just like Game Competitions, I don't take highly to the modern or weird type of answer. I need formal and responsible. (Along the way we'll finish up those steps!).

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