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President: Denzel Walker (August 2010 - May 2011)

Website: http://mangaandanimeclub.yolasite.com/ 

 I am The Former Club President or (Drizzle/Prez) and I take care of all the loose ends of the club, with activities, snacks, movies, aiding others with Japan donations, whatever... When I started, I was surprised at every little thing the club established; including the randomness. But now the things in here are making my view on random things more clear. That doesn't really make sense but if you join, it will. So with a passion, and some known disciplines, I know this club will strive far... :3

Oh Yeah I've written several books before, check this one out:

"My Life: The Last Photo"

President: Nicole Colice (August 2010 - May 2011)

Website: (None As Of Now)

 Nicole or (Nicole) Can show off her skills as being creative and a leader too. Her favorite color is Pink. Hey another pink fan. Her favorite animes include: Soul eater, Durrerara, and gray-man. Her favorite foods are Rice crispies, marshmallows, and strawberries. WOOT! marshmallows! As for being vice president she shows maturity and responsibility. Hmm... nice. Anime in general to her, she enjoys, is just about anything; being in a happy place, and answering trivial anime, she's up for the challenge. For now, she's flowing with the rest of the club, and would rather give off her personality, than receive anything.

Another favorite color of her's is blue as well. She enjoys the crazy people here... wow. Finding MAACC she found out by Mrs. Banfeild. Next year, this girl would be ace for Prez or Vice. "They're a lot of things I enjoy... too many, I suppose Cat girls!" OH YEAH! >///<. Through imagination, she just wants everyone happy.... isn't that sweet. Running it better.... well.... man ok!. All in all Nicole is... unique.

Club Member: Courtney Heathcock

Website: http://my-imaginaryworld.webs.com/

Courtney or (Sprinkles) is the club's Neko. This girl is very independent. Her favorite colors are: Blue, green, black, pink, and all other neon colors. To know this girl you have to see this person develop with the the club, to know more about her. She is found as a leader in the club, and shows it. But she can get silly too.

Club Member: Lydia Ann King II

Website: (None As Of Now)

 Lydia or as we call her (Chief), is our, well, I'm not sure. Chief is the kind of girl that will follow the rules, but will do it her way. No objections... wow. Random 90% of the time she shows leader ship... when she wants to. Her favorite color is Red. Her favorite animes are: Death Note, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club. All of those animes are somewhat distracting. Her favorite foods are, Peach cobbler and Chocolate milk. Wooh, now those are some pretty specific foods, nice. This girl can remember every anime she ever watched, to the number! With anime in general, she enjoys the story lines in art along with the characters. "Who doesn't like em'?". Wow. As for  her imagination, "A small secluded place with lots of stories and chocolate in Narnia". Man I might want to go there myself soon. Sugar, should not be given to this girl. But she does want a good book to read, and for all the club members to watch Frightmare together. Committed for thinking about the group, as a whole Chief is strange.

"The screaming, murder and other things generally frowned upon by society" wow... I mean it's not that bad.... ok wha? ....wait what kind of shows? Anyway, Kohana, Ouran, Whammy's House, etc. would be a place for imagination. Ok wat? anywho... Chief is unique...

Club Member: William Kai Le

Website: (None As Of Now)

Not too bad of a member, but a good one indeed, we call this guy (Neko). Not too happy on the name for this guy, but it’s a good one. His favorite color is dark blue. His top favorite Animes are: Code Geass, Seto No Hanayome, and Fairy Tail… not bad choices. His favorite foods include: Pho (whatever that is), fresh pizza, mocha ice-cream, pudding, and taro cake. I’m not sure what some of those foods are, but they sound awesome. Being a vice president he says he’ll be “super cool and stuff”. What he enjoys most about Anime are the big eyes and over reactive expressions, the shows produce. “Super Space!... No, I’d be in an old samari temple”… make up your mind already! Trivia suits him most because of the interesting topic it is. …. Running this club there shall be no army of any kind! Except if it’s Anime/Manga related. This guy shouldn’t be given anything except gum, but overall he makes a fantastic addition to MAACC!

Club Member: Chadd "Light" Capper

Website: (None As Of Now)

Oh The Chadd-Miister, or (Light) is a member that will go "hey... yeah... sure" to just about any activity. His Favorite color is gray. His to 3 animes are: Rave Master, Vandread (Nice), and Hellsing (what the?). His Favorite food is bacon.... right on! For being a vice president for next year, he has hands on expirience with anime clubs such as ours. Cool.  With anime and art in general, he likes kitties...... YEAH! For his place, in his imagination, he would be on an island. He'll do a little q-and-a here and there, but he'll just hang out as being part of MAACC.

Club Member: Robert Collette

Website: (None As Of Now)

 No Nick name, but facinated at drawing types of anime. His favorite color is black. His top 3 favorite animated shows are: Bleach, Family Guy, American Dad. (not anime but animation... cool). His favorite food is sushi. With anime in general, he just finds it fun :D. He doesn't know much about his imagination or trivia. For a wish list he wants money... interesting... but he would enjoy what the club has to offer every meeting anyway.

Club Member: Tristan Richard Schaw

Website: (None As Of Now)

Well, this boy, (Link)  is a good participator towards the club. His favorite color is "Blue =)". Seems he doesn't have a top top, but likes Naruto and Death Note. Why does everyone like death note!? Anyway, his favorite foods are sushi, steak.... manly foods. Haha! well he might not be best at running things alone, but admits to it. What he enjoys about anime is, "Anime is awesome because it's either funny, actiony, or adventorous" nice explanation. In his imagination I don't know what a Hyrule is, but it's either there or The Leaf village. When it comes to Trivia, it all depends on what it is. It seems that going through this club will help him to understand more, if he were to make any changes. This boy wants some: cosplay, video games, field trips, and to be able to watch anime. He is different.... but, that's what we want!

 Club Member: Chase Raben Peterson

Website: (None As Of Now)

Chase or (Beautifal Man) hmmm, let's hope his drawings are better that his handwriting. His favorite color is Silver (not bad). His top animes are Claymore as being the top, and Samurai Champloo, with Soul Eater that follow. OOO! his favorite food is Pumpkin Pie... Nice! Uhmmm I'm not sure what he said as for why he doesn't want to be vice president, but he said no. ... Let's just say he enjoys anime in general. In his imagination, he wants to be on a shore where everything can be controlled by himself alone. Looks like Trivia is a "yes" for him. For improvements he thinks we should all have online accounts to where we can watch some anime... not bad at all. Seems he just wants to see the places the club could go, that's all. Nice idea!

He found out about the club through Cougar TV, and the Club Advertizement. The background of animation pulls this guy in. Imagining things, he wants to be somewhere quiet, (good job). It would be better for this "man" if everyone was more attentive. To sum it up, his guy cheats at games.

Club Member: Angela Dresualdo

Website: (None As Of Now)

 Angela or (Lime) as we call her is a late starter to the anime club, but is one of those 'really good' members that will take the effort for finishing anything incomplete. That's a good quality! Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite animes revolve around: Gakuen Alize 1, Evagelien Series 2,, and Seimaden. Very specific. Her favorite food is any kind of chinese food. Right on! In general she enjoys the art in drawing anime/manga. In her imagination she would want to be in a castle in the sky. All in all, she just wants to be in the club and have fun. I can agree that she would have fun; she's a good member.

Club Member: Jaron Porsons

Website: (None As Of Now)

 Jaron or (Rock) is one of our quiet members. Oh yes! quiet is good! When it comes to work, he finishes on time; and when he's feeling an emotion, he will show everybody. His favorite color is Purple. Nice! His favorite animes include: Pokemon Lucky Star, and Dragon ball Z. He loves ice cream apparently. For anime in general he enjoys the entertainment, and culture for Japanese and Chinese animation. now that's good. With his imagination, he would be in "the" city. Trivia with anime is relatively new, so it would be a good experience to establish. With all the randomness of the club, if he were to run it, it would be to be able to talk about it. wow. The things this boy craves are of many, such as: to be rich, to be able to see without glasses, find friends with common interests, and have a plush doll of his favorite anime character. All in all, Rock, will rock you when he sees an opportunity.

The most interesting to this guy in the meetings, where how we did something random each meeting. Hmmmm.... he found out about the club through open house... interesting! Through culture, it's how a person's imagination can come to life. OOO.... his imagination would be in a mansion. This dude wants that Spirited away DVD... Rock is, unique

Club Member: Anna Trybula

Website: (None As Of Now)

Although we don't have a nickname for Anna, she's on to pay attention. She participates very well and will do what is told, but wont quit if there is a joke involved. Her favorite color is orange. She has a favorite anime called, Axis Powers Hetalia, but ouran high school host club, and bleach are in there too. Her taste buds are all over with: Calamari, suchi, and apples. Now calamari I wont argue with :3.  With anime it makes her laugh and it's entertaining to her. Now her imagination is all over, with, being in Hogwarts with magical dragons and unicorns, with a mountain of candy. wow. She finds this club funtastic with all the activities we do. Even though, she may want an anime merch, and a few hats, she's well on her way anyway.

She Now enjoys the club activities, learning about new anime/manga, and hanging out with friends. On the way to get here, she found out through her friends and the posters found about the school. Nowadays, Anna likes the crazy unique-ness of it all, their clothes, food, items, everyday lives, etc. Although she may not speak much, she is... unique.

Club Member: Bobby Benjamin

Website: (None As Of Now)

Oh Bobby, or Bob, or Boblet.... the one expresive one, in the most weirdest of ways. His favorite color is Chocolate-Brown! Hahahah! Nice! Bob's favorite animes include: Intersteussiss, Ronin Wariors, and Gundam Wing. His favorite food is apple pie. Cool. Being a Vice-President, he go for it, no problem. What he enjoys in general about anime, are the cute girls... I couldn't agree more :3. He wants to captain of an Airship in his imagination. Trivia... "I guess" well Now!! But overall, Boblet can stand out in this club!

Club Member: Erick Aruto Knudson

Website: (None As Of Now)

 Erick also of no nick name, one day came in the club room for some yearbook pictures. Once he came in, and stayed, he felt comfortable to mingle with the rest of the club members. Now this responsible person is now a member of 'The Manga And Anime Club Coronado'. His favorite color is blue. His favorite animes are: Neon Genisus, Evangalion, Gundam Wing, and Cowboy Bebop. Now this boy likes food, which includes: cookies, cones, pizza, ramen.... Ok the list goes on! For vice president, he prefered that another member, Cristina, should be the vice president. That's thinking of others. "The massive amount of creativity and freedom it has", that is what Erick thinks of anime art. In his imagination, big scenery, with huge lakes, is what sparks his interest. Trivia, and the way things are now seem fine to Erick. Maybe that's why he feels so comfortable; Good job!

Club Member: Cristina Krystal Melgosa

Website: (None As Of Now)

 Cristina of no nick-name is a quiet one as well. So far she's found to be our greatly skilled artist so far. Somehow she is able to hide away from the other members of the club... awesome, ninja power! Her favorite colors are pink, red, and black. Her favorite animes are: School days, angel beats, and Gundam Wing. Nice choices there! Her favorite foods are: ramen, pomegranates , and energy drinks. If this girl were to be a vice president, she wouldn't have the slightest of clue of what to do next. With art in general she enjoys many concepts involved. Style, feeling of the story, and the little details involved with Japanese and Chinese animation. Now that's something right there. Her out side imagination is obscured... "some island..." well.... to sum up the rest of her confusion, she deserves an applause for prestidigitation.

Our Club Finally Has A New Goal:

Our previous times we had were fun, but now we have a goal for ourselves. We can still have fun, but now we are committed to aiding japan to recovery. Although our methods are weird.... we're the Anime club, everything we do is weird, we'll become even more of an Otaku like this...

Use the PDF below if you want to print out the sign up form below before hand (Warning: May be up-side-down; turn it around).

Questionaire PDF.pdf Questionaire PDF.pdf
Size : 3912.194 Kb
Type : pdf
Questionnaire Information 2.doc Questionnaire Information 2.doc
Size : 355.5 Kb
Type : doc

Use the Link below to read up on the Rules/Terms and Conditions. (The terms have been updated).

Anime Club Rules Terms and Conditions.docx Anime Club Rules Terms and Conditions.docx
Size : 101.012 Kb
Type : docx

Use the Link below to read up on the activities in the club; these are only a sample of what we do. (Again, updates may have changed since previous).

The Anime Club Voting Activities.docx The Anime Club Voting Activities.docx
Size : 154.366 Kb
Type : docx

Use the Link below to see our trash clean up schedule:

2010-11 Campus Clean-Up Schedule.docx 2010-11 Campus Clean-Up Schedule.docx
Size : 19.967 Kb
Type : docx

Benefits For Joining?:

  •  Learn Basic Japanese
  • Watch Anime the You vote for!
  • Field Trips
  • Participate in Seasonal Themed months
  • VIP Cards
  • Have a place to hang out and draw with others
  • Make mini shorts/Animations
  • Learn the ropes of drawing
  • Join trivia games and others
  • Snacks are provided (depending on the club's account)
  • Be random and having fun!
  • Etc, etc etc!

Want to know more about the over-all-month-status? If yes, click the link below to find out more about it: 


Basic Requirements To Join:

  • Be willing to participate in activities well with others.
  • Be able to come to meetings every time (If not possible talk to President).
  • Show or tell us something about yourself. But we came up with 3 basic things to go over:
  1. Your Name
  2. Your Favorite Anime
  3. Your Nickname (Normally the club gives you one)
  • If you can draw a straight line, then you can join (Being able to draw a stick figure is easy, doing it well is harder; that's what we require).

Gamer's Rank:

Here you can see the most top rated video game players, (Some people have not played some of the games and are ranked low, if your name is too low an the ranks). (Those whom have not handed in their Questionnaire, will probably not be on the ranks).

Use this link below to look at the Gamer's new table set up:

Gamming Competition 2.doc Gamming Competition 2.doc
Size : 322 Kb
Type : doc

Game: Naurto: Clash Of Ninja 2 

  1. Denzel
  2. Anna
  3. Brian
  4. Erick
  5. Miles
  6. Bobby
  7. Desiree
  8. Courtney
  9. Tristan
  10. Jaron
  11. Nicole
  12. Lydia
  13. Chase

If Your name was not seen to the left there may be some reasons your name is not there:

  • You did not enter the competition
  • You were not attendending this meeting to get a rank
  • You did not hand in your Questionnaire

[Slot 1]- Game: [Canceled]

Not Available


[Slot 2]- Game: Naruto: Clash Of Ninja Revolution

  1. Link
  2. Chase
  3. Spaz
  4. Rock
  5. Bobby
  6. Afro Ninja
  7. Robert
  8. Nicole
  9. Light
  10. Chief

If Your name was not seen to the left there may be some reasons your name is not there:

  • You did not enter the competition
  • You were not attending this meeting to get a rank
  • You did not hand in your Questionnaire

[Slot 3]- Game: Super Smash Brothers Brawl Melee

  1. Bobby
  2. Link
  3. Robert
(Not enough info to support Other Players Sorry)

If Your name was not seen to the left there may be some reasons your name is not there:

  • You did not enter the competition
  • You were not attendending this meeting to get a rank
  • You did not hand in your Questionnaire

[Slot 4]- Game: [Canceled]

Not Available 


[Slot 5]- Game: Player's Choice

If Your name was not seen to the left there may be some reasons your name is not there:

  • You did not enter the competition
  • You were not attendending the party

Club Member: Desiree "Sexy-beast" Love Cloice 

Website: (None As Of Now)

The names she comes up for herself are waaaay to long; So she's just Desiree. She answers everything in like one word sentences! Her favorite colors are Yellow and clear. Different, but ok. She only has a couple favorite anime, and those are Kuroshitsuji, and Ouran High School Host Club. Her favorite foods are Eclairs and Pasta. Nice! Being a vice president, "WOW" is what she says. With anime in general, she enjoys everything. In her imagination she wants to be in Wonderland >-> uhhh... ok. She loves Trivia. Uhhh I'm not sure if "EVERYTHING" is supposed to be a bad thing. She wants tacos, and magic unicorns. Ok then. But still she is also a good asset to the club.

 The back and forth conversations, really seemed interesting to her during club meetings. Nicole told this girl about MAACC. Desiree wants more games! Still, she is, unique.

(Temporary) Club Member: Miles Christian

Website: (None As Of Now)

Oh man... this boy goes into detail when detail is not necessarily needed for info... (he wrote a lot but I'll make it really short). His favorite color is purple, but with a deep shade of indigo and violet. As for his favorite animes, his all time favorite would be Black Cat. indecisive on his third, Lucky Star would be next. His favorite foods are gelato, and Ziti. What kid of food is that?! Becoming Vice President, he would make an excellent effort to the club any way he can. When enjoying anime it's clear to him that it's free, and you can be as strange, serious, and as depressing as you want. Imagination... he's specific; "I would live in a relatively new house, with only two floors. The bedroom, guest bedroom, and bathroom would be on the top floor, with everything else on the ground floor." WOW! Answering with trivia... well... let's just say his view on that is quite, well said. Seems he wouldn't change the club at all, and wouldn't want anything to receive, but to enjoy the club, seems fine to him. Alright!

 During each meeting he found that the people that went, most interesting. Getting here, he saw our club through the school newspaper. Being that new Prez, he says that he'll do a gj. They fact that Asian clutures have culture is most enjoyable. ...a bigger box... maybe less focus on drawing is better for this guy. "Cow" here is... unique.

(Temporary) Club Member: Sadie Arnold

Website: None

 Sadie was one of our early members. She keeps it calm, but enjoys a laugh here and there. Although she rarely comes, she's willing to participate. Her favorite colors are: purple, black, blue, silver, and red. That's a lot. She doesn't really watch much anime, but enjoys it through drawing and photography. Her favorite foods are: Mexican food, salads, and friuts. When it comes to anime in general, this girl gets paid for her artwork with tattoos. In her imagination, she says to me, "In the mountains, with nothing but Asian decorations inside". Trivia and any other comment she might have, she'll say YES! to anime.

(Empty) Sub-Vice President: Neptara Pluroseya

Website: (N/A)

Neptara or (Poptart) was one of those do it yourself, but do it well. She was our previous Sub-vice President, but due to some circumstances, she will be missed. Her favorite color is seagreen. Her favorite animes include: Murder Princess, Vampire Knight, and Claymore. Her favorite food is sushi. The fact for being the vice president of the club, she wanted to be, but her place was taken by someone else, happy with glee. Her views on anime are unclear, but says that it's awesome. Trivia, imagination and cosplay all round, she would love to do.

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