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MAACC RP Chat Characters:

Manga And Anime Club Coronado Role Play

Oh boy don't ja just love RP? My first rp was so weird, I ended up on a mansion roof in the middle of nowhere! Anyway, you can use any character you want, but you have to mix them up a little :3 This ought to be good!


  • No profanity (Cursing etc).
  • There must be a minimum of 3 people in the Chat group to even start
  • Don't move the plot to the end in one sentence
  • Don't completely fall off plot, but be eccentric as well

Want your character profile up here? send me an email through the "contact us" or talk to me when you have a chance during meetings. (Please send an image too).

Themed Music

Chobits OP.mp3

Name: Kyten Momoshe

Age: 17

Likes and Dislikes: Likes fluffy cat toys, dislikes being found out.

What is it?: Cat-Girl

Personality: Exciting, indecisive, aggressive, open-minded

Goal: (Depends on RP plot)

 Name: Kokuei Fujioka

Age: 15

Likes and Dislikes: Likes Leeks, peace and quiet, RPGs, dislikes Dogs Lucius (loud, irritating people in general, but he harbors a strong hatred for Lucius), idiots

What is it?: Just a regular human.

Personality: Calm and collected, sarcastic

Goal: To be rid of Lucius, and to not have to deal with annoying things in general

Themed Music:


Name: Bonkai Korhoko

Age: 14

Likes and Dislikes: Likes swords, sithes, and assassinations; dislikes ranged weapons, and people giving up

What is it?: Wraith

Personality: dark and kinda secretive

Goal: To receive the "Dagger of Power" and conquer the world

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